Angel with Gift for Mother's Day

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Wendt and Kühn's Angel with Gift for Mother's Day

2" tall

Special USA edition - on a spring garden green base with daisies and the words:

"To a very special mom"

A very lovely figure for you to celebrate the wonderful mothers in your life.

So Many Ways to Add Eggs to Your Easter Celebration

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Germany is renown for their Easter Egg Trees.  The Erzgebirge provides a number of delightful ways to add their wooden and paper mache eggs to your Easter Celebration.


   Solid Colored Easter Egg Ornaments         Stencilled Easter Egg Ornaments
                                                                             - Christian Werner Workshop
     Easter Egg Ornaments / Daisies                    Carton of Easter Eggs
                  Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit Paper Mache Easter Eggs
                                    They come in three different sizes.
                                            Enjoy your Celebration!

Wonderful Wendt and Kuehn figures for Celebrating Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is such a special day and Wendt and Kuehn never fails to deliver.

Click on image to find the figure on My Growing Traditions. They will warm your heart and are a wonderful way to celebrate.


For even more selection, click here to see many more Wendt and Kuehn figures appropriate for your Valentine's Day celebration.

New - Beatrix Potter Paper Mache Eggs for your Easter Baskets

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We now have three different sizes of Beatrix Potter Paper Mache Eggs - a classic, old-fashioned way to celebrate Easter. Six different eggs in each set. Everyone loves to wonder what's inside.


Above - 4-3/4" size


Above - 6" size

Above - 7" size 

A wonderful addition to your Easter Celebration.





Wendt and Kühn's Winter Kinder / Winter Children

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The Girl with Sleigh and Boy with Tree were first created by Olly Wendt over 40 years ago based on Olly's twins Hans and Sigrid. She crafted them as a special, personal gift for family and friends.

The Winter Girl and Boy - the Winter Kinder - include a bit of Erzgebirge history: "The Winter Kinder are setting out to spread a touch of wintery spirit among a large audience. Bundled up in their warm clothes and furnished with holiday accessories, these figurines will definitely make unusual accent pieces." On the Girl's sled, "Next to the star, bread and wine sits a splinter box. In the past the people of the Erzgebirge mountains used such boxes to store small items of value." Wendt and Kühn


The boy walks alongside carrying a wonderful Christmas tree!


Simply said, they belong together, and just as they brought joy to Olly Wendt's friends, they offer a special remembrance of the history of Wendt and Kühn and the "warmth" of winter for all of us who rejoice in the art of Wendt and Kühn.

Enjoy our Wendt and Kühn Pinterest Board here.

Merry Christmas!

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New for 2023 - Carbonel Santons

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The Carbonel workshop offers us some delightful new figures in 2023.

For Size No. 2 - the Elite Size - we have the school teacher, the Bee Keeper and his hives.


For Size #3 - the Grande Size - we have the Doctor.


And for Size #1 - the Cricket size - we have the Lemon Seller.

Such delightful Santons to add to your collection.

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