Rare Offering - Original Artwork and Photographs from Little Saints of Christmas by Daniel J. Foley

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We are pleased to be able to offer this rare collection of original artwork and photographs from Daniel J. Foley's Little Saints of Christmas, 1959

Foley gave a part of his collection of the original photographs and original pen and ink art work used to illustrate Little Saints to a neighbor in Salem, Massachusetts. In 2008 that neighbor placed the collection in the hands of an antique appraiser (all three lived in Salem).


The photographs and illustrations that we obtained from the antique appraiser and offer to you does not constitute all of the artwork in Foley's Santons book. The collection consists of 19 photos and 9 illustrations from Little Saints. They range in size from 4" x 4" to 9" x 7-1/2." Most have printer markups. 

You will also receive as a part of this very special collection an additional 20 photographs and 3 postcards that were considered by Foley but not ultimately used in Little Saints.

Click here to see the full collection available 

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