Christmas Crackers - and they are on Sale

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Christmas Crackers are a British tradition dating back to the Victorian era.  In 1847 a confectioner sold sugared almonds with a motto and called them "love tokens."  One Christmas day, a log in his fireplace burst into flame with a loud "crack."  This inspired him to create a log-shaped "cracker" that when pulled from either end produced a surprising "bang." He filled the cracker with an almond and a motto.  Hats and a "toy" were later added.  150 years later, it is a time-honored tradition to have a Christmas cracker at each place setting for Christmas dinner.  They are enjoyed all over the world.

These Toy Chest Christmas Crackers will delight any child.  From one of England's finest purveyors of Christmas crackers, Robin Reed, they are on Sale.  A box of six, at 40% off: reduced from $19.99 to $11.99.

 Each hand-made cracker has a tag:  a bird, a drum, a Christmas tree, a rocking horse, a gingerbread cookie, or a Christmas stocking that may be used to decorate a future present or even to hang on the tree as an ornament. Pull the cracker open with a "pop," and enjoy the fun of the goodies tucked inside:  a paper  hat, a joke to be shared aloud, and a small toy. They are 12" long. The toys included in this set are from the ones shown below.


Really perfect for the child in all of us.




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