Winter Preparation - Papa Hedgehog - Swarovski Collection

Winter Preparation. Papa Hedgehog putting away a cherry. With Swarovski crystal elements. 2-1/4" glass ornament.  New for 2014.  Inge-Glas No. 1-033-14. Mouth-blown, hand-painted.  

Find Companion pieces here:  Mama Hedgehog and Baby Hedgehog.

With Inge-Glas acid free paper

Made in Germany

European Folklore, as Wikipedia reports, has them commonly shown as carrying apples on their back: "As animals native to Europe, hedgehogs hold a place in European folklore. Enjoy our Hedgehog blog entry for the details

Swarovski Collection: "Inge-Glas has created a series of exclusive ornaments, which shine with multi-faceted crystals on the Christmas tree. These extraordinary pieces fascinate through the incomparable play of light and color. They are decorated with sparkling Swarovski Elements, which intensify in the twinkling Christmas lights. With Weihnachts-Juwelia, each Christmas tree shines with incomparable beauty. Each ornament in this collection has a 'Swarovski' Elements" hang tag." - Inge-Glas

Inge-Glas of Germany - since 1596
Oldest Christmas Ornament Company in the World
Exclusive 5-Point Star Crown
Environmentally committed workshop
Pure high grade German glass and lead free paints, lacquers, and glitters
Dedicated to the ecological future of our planet and 
preserving their centuries-old tradition of the art of glassblowing
Mouth-blown, hand-painted in Germany
Inge-Glas is the premier classic glass ornament workshop
Item No. IGO1037




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