Our Story... My Growing Traditions

After working as an editor and living abroad, we retired to the coast of Maine in 2003 and immediately set out to build a business that celebrated the people, traditions, festivities, and cultures we met along our journey. As we traveled, time and time again, we found ourselves exploring a culture by seeking out the local folk artists. In the workshops and studios of woodcarvers, glassblowers, and Santons craftsmen, we were honored to meet artisans who have put their whole hearts into the cultural traditions of their art. 

My Growing Traditions is a family business and in 2019 we moved to Michigan. Although conceived of, built, and driven by Sally, this small business would not exist without the family glue that holds it all together: their essential web development and programming expertise, graphic design talent, ingenious ideas, organizational and problem solving skills, trips to the post office, and most importantly their kind, general encouragement. 

My Growing Traditions is a celebration of Old World, European, Folk Art. 
The artisans that we offer represent the epitome of their art form and traditions. 
Their folk art makes us smile - we know it will make you smile, too!
 - Visiting the Carbonel Santons Workshop, Marseille, France