Frosted and Guilded Walnut - Matte, with Legend Card - SALE SAVE 50%

Frosted and Guilded Walnut - Matte, with Legend card.  2" glass ornament.  New in 2002. Inge-Glas No. 2-110-02.  Hand-blown, hand-painted.  

With Inge-Glas acid free paper

Made in Germany

Legend card:  "The Walnut... In Europe, walnuts were used as part of Christmas Eve games and feasts.  One game the children especially enjoyed playing called for cracking the shell of a walnut, putting a small candle in it, and floating it in a pan of water.  A boy held his breath as the candle melted down because if the candle burned down to the bottom before turning over, it meant the boy would live a long life.  A girl would carefully watch the lit candle in the walnut shell, hoping hers would stand the longest, which meant she would marry a good husband."  - Inge-Glas

Inge-Glas of Germany - since 1596
Oldest Christmas Ornament Company in the World
Exclusive 5-Point Star Crown
Environmentally committed workshop
Pure high grade German glass and lead free paints, lacquers, and glitters
Dedicated to the ecological future of our planet and 
preserving their centuries-old tradition of the art of glassblowing
Mouth-blown, hand-painted in Germany
Inge-Glas is the premier classic glass ornament workshop
Item No. IGO830M

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