Limited Gold Edition No. 10 - Grünhainichen Angel / The Reader / Words for Eternity in Splinter Box on a Gold-Plated Base / New 2017

New for 2017 - Wendt and Kühn Limited (22,222 pieces) Gold Edition No. 10. Grünhainichen Angel The Reader / Words for Eternity - with a 24-karat Gold-plated Metal Book and Base in a Splinter Box.

With a golden book open in its hands the reader encourages every viewer to think and dream. But what is being read aloud? Is it fairy tales, poems, or perhaps stories written about life itself? This is left entirely to one's imagination. 

The individual serial number is printed on the underside of each figurine, on the base of its attractive splinter box, and also in the lovingly designed accompanying leaflet. This makes every Angel a valuable and unique piece.

Since 2009, Wendt and Kühn has crafted a series of figurines with accessories that are 24 karat gold-plated. In this, the tenth of the series, the book and the metal base are gold-plated.

NOTE - this Wendt and Kühn Grünhainichen Angel comes with Blonde or Brunette hair. Select your hair color with the drop down menu at the top.

2-1/2" tall

WK no. 650/123/LE

with a Wendt and Kühn Presentation / Gift Box

Made in Germany

Item No. WK650/123LE-2 WK650/123LE-1

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