Little Saints of Christmas: Santons of Provence by D. J. Foley, 1959

The Little Saints of Christmas - The Santons of Provence by Daniel J. Foley.  Out of Print.  1st Edition.  Published by Dresser, Chapman & Grimes, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, 1959.  Color Photography by Paul E. Genereux.  Line Drawings by Charlotte E. Bowden.  150 pages including index.

    Library edition. Excellent used condition. Signed by the author

    From the publisher:  "The Little Saints - the Santons of Provence:  this book tells their enchanting story.  It tells how these tiny, hand-molded figures of clay, gaily and expertly painted, steeped in lore and tradition, for hundreds of years have brought the magic of Christmas into every Provencal home at Christmastime. . . . Daniel J. Foley, a Santon enthusiast and owner of a remarkable collection of figures, has written an immensely interesting book.  Here in the little-known customs of simple people who live close to the soil is a fresh, moving approach to the Christmas story."

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