Miller Gift Set - Size #1 / Cricket

The Miller is very important to all the villagers. 

This special Gift Set includes the Miller, the Miller's donkey carrying sacks of flour (the donkey carries the flour from the windmill on the hill down to the village), a 2-1/2" hand-shaved tree from the Erzgebirge, and a miniature copper vessel from Bavaria. All are tucked neatly into a gift box from My Growing Traditions.

Included is a My Growing Traditions card reading: "Amongst the first to hear the Angels call, the Miller, wearing his white cotton cap (a symbol of his trade) is essential to all the village. He brings to Mary the staff of life - flour for their daily bread."

Enjoy our blog entry on The Miller who is considered to be the No. 6 "Essential" Santons for a Provençal creche.

Provençal Figurines by C. Galtier and E. Cattin, translated by John Lee (Editions Ouest-France, 13 rue du Breil, Rennes, 1996) provides a list of the top 20 Santons "essential" to the Provençal creche.

Size #1 / Cricket (the 1-5/8 inch - 4 cm size)

Made in Provence

Santons Marcel Carbonel
Since 1935
The Premier Santons Workshop
Marseille, France
Item No. 1CS2


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