Pine Cone / Motherhood

Pine Cone - Motherhood. 3" glass ornament.  New 2022. Inge-Glas #10-158-S022. Mouth Blown. Hand-painted.

Made in Germany  

The pine cone represents motherhood.
"The Pine cone... The first German figural ornaments were modeled from God's most amazing creations found in nature.  Therefore, pine cones were among those firsto rnament shapes created by German glassblowers.  Due to their abundance in nature, pine cones have come to represent motherhood and fruitfulness.  It is a tradition to give pine cones as gifts to representgood wishes for a happy, healthy family.  People also like to keep pine cones in their own homes for good luck." Inge-Glas
Inge-Glas of Germany - since 1596
Oldest Christmas Ornament Company in the World
Exclusive 5-Point Star Crown
Environmentally committed workshop
Pure high grade German glass and lead free paints, lacquers, and glitters
Dedicated to the ecological future of our planet and 
preserving their centuries-old tradition of the art of glassblowing
Mouth-blown, hand-painted in Germany
Inge-Glas is the premier classic glass ornament workshop
Item No. IGO1224

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