Man with a Medieval String Instrument - Homme à la Vielle - Size #1 / Cricket

Man with a Medieval String Instrument - Homme a la vielle - Vielaire

This street musician, the Man with a Medieval String Instrument (also referred to as a hurdy-gurdy), is one of the oldest Santons to appear in the crib, first appearing around 1820. Pictured below, the "vielle" (the word deriving from the Old Provencal "violo") is a stringed key-board instrument found in the folklore of many regions of France.


As a performer, he is dressed very nicely and holds his hurdy-gurdy in his hands as he prepares to play in honor of the Infant Jesus.

Size #1 / Cricket (the 1-5/8 inch - 4 cm size)

Made in France

Santons Marcel Carbonel
Since 1935
The Premier Santons Workshop
Marseille, France
Item No. 1C56



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