Mountain Display Platform - 3 tier - for Christian Werner's Small Noah's Ark

Mount Ararat three (3) tier stand for Noah's Ark Size Small. Mount Ararat - where Noah's Ark rested at the end of its forty days at sea.

Mountain platform - for displaying the Small Noah's Ark with animals plus 12 additional pairs. 

Images below show the platform with the rainbow, without the rainbow, and as the platform can be used to display your Ark and animals.  Ark and animals not included here.

23" wide x 12" deep x 3-3/4" high 

Find the animals - buy One Alone (1 x 1) here, or Two Together (2 x 2) here

Enjoy the classic folk art of ring-turning - Reifendrehen - since the 1800s

Christian Werner Workshop
Master Craftsman
Ring-turner / Reifendrehen
Exquisite Folk Art from the
Erzgebirge, Germany
Since 1985
Item No. CW23



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