Set of Christian Werner Frisian Sheep/Shepherd/Tree (8 pieces)

A delightful set from Christian Werner:  A large tree, Shepherd (3-1/8") tall, sheep dog, four adult painted sheep and one lamb.  All called by Werner:   "Frisian" sheep.
Made in the Erzgebirge
Sheep:  "The East Friesian is a breed of dairy sheep originating from East Frisia in northern Germany. It is either the best or one of the best sheep breeds in terms of milk yield per ewe." - Wikipedia
Shepherd:  "This is the first human figure not made by turned pieces being joined together as has been done for centuries), but by being ring-turned and cut from the ring in one piece.  He thus fits perfectly into the big family of sheep--not only because of his calm and uncomplaining nature but also because of the way he was crafted."  - Christian Werner Workshop
Tree:  Werner notes in his catalog that "while creating the Frisia sheep, the craftsman had a clear image of a natural-looking tree to complement the herd of sheep he had in mind.  It was a combination of this clear vision and exhaustive testing with various materials, tools and techniques that finally produced the wood fibre tree.  Each one is crafted on the lathe with great skill and care, producing a sturdy tree that looks very natural."

Christian Werner Workshop
Master Craftsman
Ring-turner / Reifendrehen
Exquisite Folk Art from the
Erzgebirge, Germany
Since 1985
Item No. CW9



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