Angel with Tuning Fork / New 2024 / Pre-Order for March Delivery

Angel with Tuning Fork

New 2024 / Pre-Order for March Delivery

"The Eleven Dot Angels have been playing together in our large orchestra for more than 100 years. New members are added regularly and in spring 2024 a very special angel is joining them.  With its delicate tuning fork and a good ear it is getting in tune for its next performance - in the truest sense of the word. The metal of the tuning fork is placed on a hollow wooden box with an open side. This allows the tone to develop fully. A 'tuneful' addition to angel orchestras, large and small, all over the world. And a wonderful gift for all musicians and singers for whom a tuning fork is an essential tool." - WK

2-1/2" tall


with the Angel's own Wendt and Kühn Presentation / Gift Box

Made in Germany

NOTE - this Wendt and Kühn Grünhainichen Angel comes with Blonde or Brunette hair. Select your hair color with the drop down menu at the top.


Wendt and Kühn of Grünhainichen, Germany,
a "Toymakers Village"- since 1915 
Imaginative, unique, elegant, and delicate
figurines from a traditional workshop -
meticulously hand-crafted by 155 artisans -
80 are painters,
but only four (4) paint faces.
Winner of the 1937 World's Fair, Paris
Gold Medal - Grand Prix
Simply Exquisite!
Item No. WK650/84-2 WK650/84-1

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