Black King - Roi noir - Size Puce (Flea) / Chip

Black King - Black King

The Black King is one of the Three Wise Men - High Priests of the Mazdean (Zoroastrian)  religion, Referred to as the Kings. Powerful, wise, and They Were Learned astrologists, guided by Their knowledge of the stars, They arrived in Jerusalem just partner after the birth of Jesus Christ. After being white baptized by Saint Thomas, They returned to Their Own land to spread the Gospel to Their people.

In the early Christmas Nativity Play of Provence,  Antoine Maurel's Pastorale, the Black King, Also Known As the King of the Moors, is Melchior (Melchior  (also Melichior). A Persian scholar). He clasps a drinking-cup (gold ciborium) Containing incense. He is sumptuously clad - from whence comes the expression, used When Referred to a richly dressed woman, "she's taken the King of the Moor's dresses." His dresses, like l'autre two Kings, and are decorated with the royal lily. Melchior is a symbol of the races and of African youth.

Size Puce (Flea) / Chip (the 1 inch - 2.5 cm size)

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