Christmas Shopping / Weihnachtseinkauf Advent Calendar

From Brück and Sohn (Printers in Meissen, Germany 1793-2018) a charming Advent Calendar of Christmas Shopping / Weihnachtseinkauf during the Victorian period. This delightful advent calendar is 10" x 15".

From Brück and Sohn - Christmas shopping was just as important 100 years ago as it is today. This calendar was created from an historical original wood engraving and was painted for us in historical style by Mrs. Dirstey-Werner. 

Click on the small image to the left to see some of the artwork behind the calendar windows.


After celebrating their anniversary in October 2018 of 225 years, the 7th generation, Annette and Helmut Brück, are now retired and have closed their doors. An era has come to an end.

The Brücks plan to explore the history of their company and offer a small museum and postcard archive which are preserved in Meissen and which is open to the public by appointment. 

My Growing Traditions has scavenged where we could and replenished our inventory in hopes of being able to make them available to you as long as possible. 

Made in Germany
1793 - 2018
Item No. BR41 / AK2587

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