Girl with Spring Gentian / New 2024

Girl with Spring Gentian

New 2024 

5" tall

WK no. 5248/30

with a Wendt and Kühn Presentation / Gift Box

Made in Germany


"The spring gentian the girl is holding in her hands is a beautiful bright blue. In spring this flower pokes its head out of the ground and in spite of its lack of height covers the meadows with striking splashes of color. This wooden version has been made with loving attention to detail. The flower is formed of five larger outer leaves and five tiny inner petals. Very few colors are needed for the flower to make a great impression: a charming interplay of dark and pale blue paint, delicate white accents in the interior of the flower and the fine lines of the veins on the leaves provide the design icing on the cake. The lovingly designed clothes the girl is wearing are also enchanging: over her dress she is wearing a light jacket to protect her from the cool spring breeze. On her head she has a hat whose 'ear flaps' appear to sway in the wind. The jacket deserves closer inspection. Its ornate pattern of more than 80 delicate blue, red and yellow flowers makes it really eye-catching and a triumph of skilled craftsmanship." - WK


Wendt and Kühn of Grünhainichen, Germany,
a "Toymakers Village"- since 1915 
Imaginative, unique, elegant, and delicate
figurines from a traditional workshop -
meticulously hand-crafted by 155 artisans -
80 are painters,
but only four (4) paint faces.
Winner of the 1937 World's Fair, Paris
Gold Medal - Grand Prix
Simply Exquisite!

Item No. WK5248/30

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