Goose - Oie - Size #2 / Elite

Goose - Oie

The Goose comes in two positions - standing upright or with his neck stretched forward.

An essential member of the farmyard animals.

As Daniel J. Foley notes in the The Little Saints of Christmas - "For all her clumsy ways and noisy quacking, the goose is a creature of importance at the manger. According to an old fable, she was the only member of the animal kingdom to step forth and greet the wise men. But she had a cold and her throat was husky, and she didn't give a very impressive greeting. For centuries she has been honored at Christmas by being served up at the festive board on Christmas Day, stuffed with chestnuts."

Size #2 / Elite (the 2-3/4 inch - 7 cm size)

Made in France

Santons Marcel Carbonel
Since 1935
The Premier Santons Workshop
Marseille, France
Item No. 2C181


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