"How the Angel Got Its Eleven Dots" Book including Angel with Shawm / in English

How the Angel Got Its Eleven Dots Book with Shawm - in English 

Book size - 12" x 9-1/2" - 32 pages

A charming tale on how the Eleven Dots are earned by the Wendt and Kühn Angels:

"Once upon a time is how many fairy tales begin. The wonderful story of the small shawm player in the large angel orchestra, too, takes us back into the past. How did it come about that the angels from Grünhainichen were given their characteristic eleven dots? The tests that this angel must pass before it is finally allowed to take its place in the orchestra are imaginatively narrated and beautifully illustrated.  It is a tale of adventure, friendship, shared values, and the desire that dreams should come true

In reply to the question of how the Grünhainichen Angels came to have the characteristic eleven white dots on their wings, Grete Wendt would always answer: "It just turned out that way!" A quip that leaves a lot of room for imagination and ultimately resulted in this book.

This enchanting set, which includes the Angel with Shawm - the lovable hero of the book - will delight Wendt and Kuehn fans both young and old. To read aloud, read to yourself, and read together."- W&K


Wendt and Kühn of Grünhainichen, Germany,
a "Toymakers Village"- since 1915 
Imaginative, unique, elegant, and delicate
figurines from a traditional workshop -
meticulously hand-crafted by 155 artisans -
80 are painters,
but only four (4) paint faces.
Winner of the 1937 World's Fair, Paris
Gold Medal - Grand Prix
Simply Exquisite!

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