The Olive Gatherer - La Ceuilleuse d'olives - Size #1 / Cricket - New 2016

The Olive Gatherer - La Ceuilleuse d'olives

The Olive Gatherer is more than elegant, wearing a wide-brimmed black hat to shade herself from the sun over a green cotton headdress. She has a yellow headscarf on her shoulders, a black pinafore around her waist, and carries a basket of olives on her left arm, a branch of olives in that left hand, and an olive rake in the other. Another container of olives lies at her feet. The painting of her costume is, as always, exquisite.

She symbolizes the harvesting of the glorious olive trees and in turn the pressing of those olives into olive oil of Provence. Provence is known not for the quantity of its olive oils, but for their superb quality.

New 2016

Size #1 / Cricket (the 1-5/8 inch - 4 cm size)

Made in France

She is ever so charming!!!!
Santons Marcel Carbonel
Since 1935
The Premier Santons Workshop
Marseille, France
Item No. 1C125

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