Noah's Ark / Size Small / Ark Only - Choose Your Animals Separately

Christian Werner's exquisite, award winning, wooden Noah's Ark, with Rainbow, and ramp.

The ark measures 5-1/2" high x 10 inches long x 4" wide.

There are two storage aras: under the ark roof and and under the ark's deck to store your animals.

Choose your own selection of animals. They are all meticulously wood (ring)-turned, hand-carved, and hand-painted. They are crafted from wooden rings as pictured below. 

Choose from -  Pairs (2 x 2)  or One Alone (1 x 1) 

Select a mountain platform to display your collection - here.

A wonderful classic piece of Folk Art. For decorative use.

Christian Werner's ark received the German Design Prize for Wooden Toys (Deutscher Designpreis Holzspielzeug) honorable mention in 2004.  

Enjoy the classic folk art of ring-turning - Reifendrehen - since the 1800s

Christian Werner Workshop
Master Craftsman
Ring-turner / Reifendrehen
Exquisite Folk Art from the
Erzgebirge, Germany
Since 1985
Item No. CW19

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