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Rabbit - Hope and Faith. The Inge-Glas Rabbit of the Bride's Tree Set. Mouth-blown. Hand-painted. 3-3/4" from tip of cap to bottom of ornament.  

With Inge-Glas acid free paper

Made in Germany

Identical to ornament in the original set, the Wooden Box full-size set, and the new in 2015 set.
With a My Growing Traditions symbol card. 

The rabbit brings hope and faith.
"The Rabbit...  Easter has long been celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon after March 21st.  A contemporary symbolof the Easter Bunny emerged around the 1800s when manufacturers in Germany created bunnies from bread and candy.  Rabbits and hares have been universal symbols of faith and hope for centuries and are also representative of the rebirth of nature in spring.  Easter announces the beginning of Spring, and more importantly, the resurrection of Christ.  The rabbit is synonymous with the celebration of life and its continuous rebirth.  Easter is an excellent time to begin something newor make a change in your life."  - Inge-Glas
Inge-Glas of Germany - since 1596
Oldest Christmas Ornament Company in the World
Exclusive 5-Point Star Crown
Environmentally committed workshop
Pure high grade German glass and lead free paints, lacquers, and glitters
Dedicated to the ecological future of our planet and 
preserving their centuries-old tradition of the art of glassblowing
Mouth-blown, hand-painted in Germany
Inge-Glas is the premier classic glass ornament workshop
Item No. IGRBT9

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