The Mayor - Monsieur le Maire - Size #1 / Cricket

The Mayor –- Monsieur le Maire - Moussu lou Conse

The Mayor is the head of the village council. He is the only leading citizen joining the procession - the other citizens present are all in more modest dress. Indeed Mr. Jourdan (important given his relationship to Margarido) is similarly attired with the top hat, the frock coat and waistcoat - but Mr. Jourdan is without the Mayor's title, of course, and without the Mayor's sash (a red, white and blue sash tied around the waist). The Mayor's red umbrella is a symbol of respectability and prosperity. The lantern he carries is to guide his way. He carries no gift to the manger - his gift is to make a speech.  

Size #1 / Cricket (the 1-5/8 inch - 4 cm size)

Made in France

Santons Marcel Carbonel
Since 1935
The Premier Santons Workshop
Marseille, France
Item No. 1C66

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