Christmas Mail / Weihnachtspost Advent Calendar

From Brück and Sohn (Printers in Meissen, Germany since 1793) a charming Advent Calendar depicting Christmas Mail (Weihnachtspost) Victorian times - delivered by horse and buggy. This delightful advent calendar is 10" x 15".

"The Advent Calendar Christmas Mail is an image from an historic wood engraving, hand-colored by Mrs. Dirstey-Werner. Happy hustle and bustle is in front of the house, when the stagecoach comes with the Christmas packages. Carefully selected pictures hide behind the small windows and remind us of childhood when the waiting for Christmas lasted much too long." - Brück and Sohn

Click on the small image to the left to see some of the artwork behind the calendar windows.

Made in Germany
Item No. BR39

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