Meissen Advent Calendar

From Brück and Sohn (Printers in Meissen, Germany since 1793) a charming Advent Calendar of Meissen (home of Meissen Porcelain), Germany, depicting a Christmas Market in front of the Meissen Rathaus (Town Hall).  Art by Hopperdietzel.  This delightful advent calendar is 10" x 15".  

Over one thousand years old (founded in 929), Meissen is the home of Brück and Sohn printers and is known world-wide for Meissener porcelain. The historical old town has been extensively renovated and is today a place of wonderful splendor. At Christmas time, the Christmas market is ever so special. The town hall as 24 windows and turns into a large Advent calendar - Brück and Sohn 

Click on the small image to the left to see some of the artwork behind the calendar windows.

Made in Germany

Item No. BR3


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