Pair of Children

Wendt and Kühn Pair of Children

"A girl with cheeky pigtails and a boy with a jaunty striped beanie - this is our Pair of Children who will be joining the workshop's collection. It is a private design that has never gone into production before and was created by Olly Wendt. The birth of her twins in 1930 seems to have given her inspiration. In the years that followed she designed a wide variety of figurines featuring pairs of children and twins. Among them this adorable example." - Wendt and Kuehn

3" tall

WK no. 5322/7

with a special Wendt and Kühn Presentation / Gift Box

Made in Germany

Wendt and Kühn of Grünhainichen, Germany,
a "Toymakers Village"- since 1915 
Imaginative, unique, elegant, and delicate
figurines from a traditional workshop -
meticulously hand-crafted by 155 artisans -
80 are painters,
but only four (4) paint faces.
Winner of the 1937 World's Fair, Paris
Gold Medal - Grand Prix
Simply Exquisite!
Item No. WK5322/7

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