Santa Gift Box

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When we visited the workshop of Bettina Franke in Deutschneudorf (a little town just adjacent to Seiffen, the center of the Christmas wood-carving area in the Erzgebirge), Germany, we fell in love with her work.

Over time, we have carried her Nativity sets (and they remain a favorite), and other creations, but we are especially fond of her Santa Gift Box.

Tucked inside the hand-made wooden box are: a hand-carved Santa carrying a lantern and pulling a sled with toys, two hand-carved wooden trees and two hand-carved deer. The box is complete with leather hinges and a red bow. The box is 2-1/2" high and deep and 2-3/4" wide. It is indeed a wonderful gift, but also a delightful scene for your fireplace mantle or Christmas table.  Return them after the season into the little wooden box for safe-keeping until next year.

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Bringing Home the Christmas Tree - Traveling Tree

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According to Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Online, the first documentation of a Christmas tree in the United States is found in a diary account of Matthew Zahm of Lancaster in 1821. An entry in  Zahm's diary indicates he cut down an evergreen on December 20, 1821 "on the hill at Kendrick's saw mill" to use as a Christmas tree.

One of our favorite ornaments from Inge-Glas of Germany is Traveling Tree:

Even more fun, this year My Growing Traditions has been creating a board on Pinterest of Christmas Traditions.  There, over and over again, we have found and pinned photographs of various renditions of "Bringing the Tree Home," including a photograph of the proverbial vintage red 1941 Ford pickup with a Christmas wreath on the grill and a tree in the back.  Scroll down the board and you will find many different versions on a theme that is such an important Christmas tradition for many of us.



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Hand-shaved and carved trees, Spanbaum, from Germany

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German Spanbaum - Hand-shaved tree.

We have traditionally carried Spanbaum, these delightful trees from Germany, in seven sizes (from 2" to 8").   The Christmas craftsmen of the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) have made these hand-shaved trees for years and years.  They begin with a basswood blank and using a chisel tease out each curled branch.  It is a craft that is truly an art form.

Creating a hand-shaved tree - Spanbaum

On the request of customers, this year we have added to our offerings four new sizes:  10", 12", 14", and 16" - which you can find on our website by clicking here, or on the photo below.

Spanbaum - Hand-Shaved Trees from the Erzgebirge

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