Celebrate Easter with our Emil Helbig 25% Off Sale

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The Emil Helbig Workshop - the oldest woodcarver in the Erzgebirge (the center of Germany's Christmas Folk Art) - creates classic Easter pieces.


Above, the Girl with an Easter Egg, and the Boy with an Easter Egg ...


the Boy with an Easter Rabbit, and right a Bunny in a Tub of Eggs ...


Three Rabbits Delivering Easter Eggs, and Two Little Rabbits Hiding Under a Leaf.

Find these wonderful Emil Helbig Easter pieces and more here - an artful addition to your Celebration, and on Sale!

Enjoy our Emil Helbig Workshop Pinterest Board.


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The Helbig Workshop Nativity - Your Way

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The nativity set from the Emil Helbig Workshop, the oldest wood-carving work shop in the Erzgebirge (Germany's Christmas Capital), is without a doubt one of, if not the, finest hand-carved German nativity sets.

The joy of the Emil Helbig Workshop nativity is all the possibilities - rejoice in the complete set (above).

Choose a Helbig Nativity with a Bavarian stable (below) and a selection of nativity figures plus Bavarian accessories.

Choose the simplicity (below) of the Helbig Mary, Joseph, and Jesus with a hand-carved tree and a tree platform (both from the Erzgebirge).

or choose a set of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus (below)

When and if you want to add additional Helbig figures to your selection, we now offer all of them separately -

     the three kings

     the ox

     the donkey

     the sheep     

     the shepherds   

     and the camels     

We feel privileged to be able to offer the Emil Helbig nativity figures to you.  To find them in our shop - click here or on any of the photographs above.


Emil Helbig Workshop - since 1933
Grunhainichen - A Toy Makers Village
Oldest Woodcarving Workshop in the Erzgebirge
Three generations strong - Celebrating the native Linden Tree
Winner of the 2007 Erzgebirge Craftsman and Toy Makers Association
Award for Outstanding Care in  Preserving the Erzgebirge Tradition
Unique - Original - Elegant

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Emil Helbig Wood Carvers - Enchanting!

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Three generations strong (1933-present) the Emil Helbig Workshop in Grunhainichen, the Erzgebirge, Germany, is the oldest wood carving workshop in the Ore Mountains. This year we have expanded our offerings considerably, with fairytales


children      Easter, and more.  

Their art is distinctive and elegant in its simplicity.

The exceptional Folk Art of the Emil Helbig Workshop has thrived over the years, suffering through the stark demands of the communist period, and then flourishing again since 1991 in the hands of Emil's son, Walter, enjoying a rebirth of the classic wood-carvings established by Emil himself. Their woodcarvings are created with a simple precision - the essence of the figure is revealed with a few, precise cuts. The native basswood, a bright, simply grained wood, is vital, accentuating the charm of the carvings through the final step - the full splendor of color. The art is in the omission! Emil Helbig's creative spirit lives on.

A celebration of humanity, from the figures created to the creators themselves, they are simply dear!


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Bavarian Stables - Perfect for Santons or Helbig Nativity Figures

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We have expanded our offerings in wooden stables this year.  We are always looking for the best. These hand-crafted in Bavaria stables are stellar pieces of folk art in their own right, and work ever so well with Carbonel's Santons or the nativity figures from the Emil Helbig workshop.

For Carbonel Size #3 - the Grande - 3-1/2" size - this stable is perfection...

On a wooden platform, wooden and plaster walls, a hay crib - click here or on the image above to see close-ups of the architectural detail.

For Carbonel Size #2 - the Elite - 2-3/4" size and for the Emil Helbig Workshop nativity figures, choose between these Bavarian stables. Again, they are of wood and plaster, and are superbly crafted.


Bavarian Folk Art for display of your chosen nativity figures.
To find them click on the images above or click here 
My Growing Traditions offers Free Shipping for all three of these stables.
We know you will find them to be exceptional!



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Miniatures - Putz - for your Christmas Village or Nativity Scene

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We have added charming miniatures this year - perfect for use with your French Santons or German nativity scenes. These are just a few examples - baskets, wood, metal, copper, clay.

To find the miniatures and trees below, simply click on the images


They work well alongside the Carbonel accessories available for each size of Santons, and with the Erzgebirge Emil Helbig Workshop nativity figures and creche sets. 


The German verb putzen means to decorate and one commonly finds the word putz to describe miniatures for a Christmas Village or Nativity Scene. Putz, miniatures, accessories, whatever one calls them, they add a very special touch to your Christmas. The traditional nativity figures, a few larger accessories, a few miniatures, and a few trees -

create a tableau, small or large, that is special to you. In both Provence and Germany, each year families wait for the Christmas fairs during Advent to find new treasures to add to their nativities (just as we in America rejoice in adding new Christmas ornaments to our trees).

Enjoy all adds up to a bit of wonder!

To follow our Pinterest Board on Putz - Click here

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New Angels and Children from the Emil Helbig Workshop

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The Emil Helbig Workshop in Gruenhainichen (in the Erzgebirge and known as a Toy Makers Village), Germany has been in business since 1933 and is the oldest woodcarving workshop in the Ore Mountains. Their work is unique, simple, and truly elegant.

We have expanded our Emil Helbig offerings to include two sweet little children bringing flowers.


The young boy carries a nosegay and the girl has collected a bunch of flowers in her apron. 

Our new Angels are the Angel with a Deer (the Deer admires the star the Angels holds in her hands)

and the Angel with a Baby in a Cradle.

All are classic Emil Helbig wood carvings - delicately carved and finely painted. A joy to add to your collection! 



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Nativity Sets - Emil Helbig Workshop - The Classic plus New for 2014

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We are pleased to now have back in stock the popular Emil Helbig Workshop Nativity Set.
We also offer most of the figures separately, including a starter set of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The stable and two of the three shepherds, however, are only available with the full Helbig set. The Helbig Workshop of Grunhainichen, Germany - Since 1933 - is the oldest woodcarving workshop in the Ore Mountains. Their work was recently celebrated in a special exhibition at the Toy Museum in Seiffen, Germany.
In addition to carrying their nativity set and figures and an increasing number of their other figures, we have enjoyed creating throughout the years Creche/Krippen/Crib sets with Helbig figures in a variety of Stables made in Bavaria and this year with a "Forest" platform from the Erzgebirge. Included in the larger sets are miniature accessories (pitchforks, pails, stacks of firewood, and the like) from Bavaria, plus trees from the Erzgebirge--everything handcrafted in Germany.
We thought we would share them here, beginning with the basic nativity figures on the Erzgebirge tree platform:
The set includes a solid hand-carved tree and a standing sheep. 
A small Bavarian stable shelters Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and the three Kings:
Trees and accessories complete the scene.
And a larger, beautifully hand-crafted Bavarian Stable creates two additional sets. The first 
includes a Helbig Angel and sheep, accessories and a hand-carved tree. 
The second
includes the Helbig Angel and a sheep and the three Kings.
Click on the images or links above to find the Nativity Sets in our shop where you will be able to focus in on the details.
Each is unique, original, and elegant.  Enjoy!
Follow our Pinterest Board on the Emil Helbig Workshop of Grunhainichen.

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