Carbonel Santons SALE - SAVE 30%: Stable with Trees - Size # 2 / Elite

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SALE - Carbonel Santons Stable with Trees / Size #2 - Elite / SAVE 30%

Classic Stable with Trees -– Étable No. 2 bis avec arbres.

The stables we have are with either blue or green doors

Stable measures 16" wide, 11-1/2" deep, and 8" high 

Size #2 / Elite (the 2-3/4 inch - 7 cm size)

This is the perfect time to wrap your Santons collection in a home!

Santons Marcel Carbonel
Since 1935
The Premier Santons Workshop
Marseille, France

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Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings!

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by Tasha Tudor
and a Happy New Year!

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From Wendt and Kühn - Small Grünhainichen Angel in Celebration of the Erzgebirge

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New for 2018, Wendt and Kühn brings us this Small Grünhainichen Angel in Toy Village. Two-inches high the Grünhainichen angel brings to life the toy-making tradition of the Erzgebirge.     The Angel holds a traditional splinter box on its lap filled with treasures. In it are stored the Angel's favorite toys: a house with a red roof, a little green tree, and a small wooden horse with even smaller ears. All are reminders of the wonderful, world-famous toys that are created in Wendt and Kühn's home, Germany's Toy Villages, in the Erzgebirge that bring happiness to children all around the world.

A very special piece for all of us who love the Erzgebirge's wonderful folk art.

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Gold Spanbaum / 8 - 14"

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For years we have enjoyed decorating with natural spanbaum and green spanbaum, and now the Erzgebirge has given us gold-colored spanbaum.

They have many names - Spanbaum, span trees, wood shaved trees, chip or chipped trees, twilled trees, splinter, and curled trees. The German word span means chip in English.

The one pictured here is 14" tall.  They come in four sizes: 8", 10", 12," and 14" - find them here

They are unique to the Erzgebirge - Germany's Christmas Center and Toy Village of wood working craftsmen.

Use them to add a bit of elegance to your holidays - charming on a Thanksgiving or Christmas table.


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A Spectacular 16" Spanbaum with Bird Feeder Nestled Inside Its Branches

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We have added to our ever popular Wood-Shaved Trees - Spanbaum - with this very special 16" tree with a bird feeder nestled inside its branches. 

Meticulously hand-crafted in the Erzgebirge, Germany, they have many names - Spanbaum, span trees, wood shaved trees, chip or chipped trees, twilled trees, and curled trees. They were first created by Spanbaumstecherei (carvers of Spanbaum trees) in the 1930s and are created with the wood of a linden tree - the trunk lathed, and then each branch carved from that trunk, curl by curl. 

Click here to shop and enjoy a video of how these elegant trees are crafted.

Tall and sturdy - this 16" beauty is a must for your Folk Art collection!

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A My Growing Traditions Folk Art Sampler - Celebrating the Best

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The perfect gift of art! or, simply enjoy this sampler - a very special and wonderful opportunity to discover the artists we all treasure... and save $20.00

The Folk Art Sampler comes in a My Growing Traditions box and includes:
From  Wendt & Kühn - Grünhainichen Angel with Songbook and Bird       
From the Erzgebirge - Dark Green, hand-shaved Tree, 4-1/2"
From the Franke Workshop, Seiffen - hand-carved Kitten with red yarn bow
From Nils Olsson Dala Horses - Classic / Original Red Dala Horse - 4"
From Marcel Carbonel Santons - the Pig, Size #3 
From Christian Werner, Master of Ring-Turning, Seiffen - hand-carved Sheep
plus a Folk Art Sampler card 
There is no doubt about it, this makes a charming gift for the art lovers on your list!

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Christmas Tree Finials from the Erzgebirge - A Tree to Top Your Tree

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This year we have added several hand-shaved (spanbaum) wooden Christmas tree finials to our offerings. They are splendidly crafted in the Erzgebirge and we are ever so pleased to carry them.

These two tree toppers feature spanbaum trees that have been cut in half - the stars in the center are on both sides             


  click on the image above or find here  

   click on the image above or find here 

The third is "three dimensional" with full spanbaum trees all around

find here

Trees atop your tree - they will naturally add a touch of majesty to your tree!


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