A Special Bavarian Cow in Celebration of the Almabtrieb

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We truly enjoyed finding these special little cows - two German kuhe in Almabtrieb dress.  


The one on the left wears a simple wreath of flowers around his neck, while the one on the right wears in addition, the traditional, elaborate headdress of the Almabtrieb.

The Almabtrieb celebration takes place at the end of summer when the cows are brought down from high pastures in the Alps to the valleys below. It is traditional for the Bavarians to celebrate this passage in traditional dress.

These special hand-carved cows have been created by Hartmut Hennig of Deutschneudorf (just adjacent to Seiffen, the toy-making center of Germany) in the Erzgebirge mountains of Eastern Germany. They stand just an inch and half tall and are really quite exquisite.

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