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Reflectors are one of the most traditional and oldest Christmas ornaments. They represent the essence of light on the Christmas tree. They capture the beauty of the surrounding ornaments and Christmas lights. The finely molded walls of their indents create a prism of glittering color. 

Reflectors, like other mouth-blown glass ornaments, begin with the glass blower heating a glass tube to a molten state. The glass-blower then blows into the tube until the hot, soft glass takes the shape of a sphere. To make an indented reflector, a "plug" (wood or plaster are commonly used) embossed with a unique design is then pressed into the hot glass.

This year we have enjoyed adding a wonderful selection of Inge-Glas classic Reflectors to our offerings. There are so many to choose from:



Click on the images above to find more in each of these Reflector collections: Reflections of the Past (on the left), Holiday Reflections (center), and Christmas Reflections (on the right)

Click on the images below to find: Vintage Reflection (left), Silver Reflections (center), and Botanical Reflections (right)



Add them to your Christmas tree and let the light shine!



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