Inge-Glas Hedgehogs - New for 2014

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This year, Inge-Glas of Germany has come full circle in the world of hedgehogs. In 2011 they introduced Mama Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. They may be kept as pets in most of the United States. They are called hedgehogs because they make a pig-like grunt while searching for food. They are nocturnal, eat insects, and have a spiny protection that makes us think of porcupines, but they are not related. 

European Folklore, as Wikipedia reports, has them commonly shown as carrying apples on their back: "As animals native to Europe, hedgehogs hold a place in European folklore. In most European countries, hedgehogs are believed to be a hard-working no-nonsense animal. This partially results from the folk belief that hedgehogs collect apples and mushrooms and carry them to their secret storage. It is unclear exactly how old this belief is, though the Roman author Pliny the Elder mentions hedgehogs gathering grapes by this method in his Naturalis Historia. In medieval bestiaries and other illuminated manuscripts dating from at least the 13th century onwards, hedgehogs are shown rolling on and impaling fruit to carry back to their dens. In fact, however, hedgehogs do not gather food to store for later consumption, relying on their deposited fat to survive hibernation. Nor is apple included in their usual diet (it has been suggested, however, that the hedgehogs may use juice of wild apples in order to get rid of parasites).... The image remains an irresistible one to modern illustrators. Therefore, hedgehogs are often portrayed carrying apples - partially, to make them look cuter." You may, indeed, enjoy perusing the many images of hedgehogs with apples on their back.  

Indeed, Inge-Glas in 2014 has wonderfully completed the hedgehog family adding Papa Hedgehog with the fabled apple on his back

and Baby Hedgehog, too.

Papa Hedgehog and Baby Hedgehog are even more special because they are ornaments in the Inge-Glas Swarovski Collection: An exclusive collection, the Swarovski Collection ornaments "shine with multi-faceted crystals on the Christmas tree. Each ornament is decorated with sparkling Swarovski Elements, which intensify in the twinkling Christmas lights. 

All of our Inge-Glas ornaments come complete with an Inge-Glas Gift Box and Archival Tissue.

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