The Original Swedish Angel Chimes

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In earlier days, My Growing Traditions always carried Swedish Angel Chimes.


In 2009 the Swedish factory shut down. They were unable to turn a profit with Swedish wages. We were all a little bit sad, used to working with the Swedish company - Anderson & Boberg - that had been in business since 1948. We had heard that the entire factory (equipment, designs, etc.) had moved within Europe - from Sweden to Turkey. Production resumed and now we have checked them out. The new "Original Swedish Angel Chimes" are, indeed, the authentic Swedish Angel Chimes - the exact, traditional Swedish quality - from the chimes themselves to the Box art design.

And, we are happy to report that now we have the "Original Swedish Angel Chimes" back in stock. With an Angel playing a horn finial, a decorative turbine, and made of brass plated steel the Chimes stand 12" High and have a diameter of 5". They come with four white candles and we offer Replacement candles - Click here for: Box of 20 4" Replacement candles sold separately in either red or white.

As the heat from the candles rises, the Angels spin and joyfully ring the chimes.

A part of American Christmas traditions for over 50 years.

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