Inge-Glas Santas Nestled in a Christmas Wreath - a DIY Project

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When we found this photograph of a Christmas Wreath covered in Inge-Glas Santas we were charmed. We might not own the mirror/picture frame that it adorns, nor begin to ever conceive of placing it outside on a front door, but we could definitely envision our own creation in a special spot, on the mantel, in the entryway, or even in the kitchen.

Clipped neatly, front and center, is Vintage Nicholas

Tucked in around the wreath is Famous Journey

We could envision these Inge-Glas ornaments as being especially delightful for a wreath...


left to right above: Whoo's Ready for Christmas, Marching Toys, Mini-Me Santa


left to right above: Toy Nikolaus, Christmas Candies, and the sweetest little Christmas Mouse

Create your own: perhaps a Santa Wreath, a Holiday Wreath, a Bird Wreath, a Forest Wreath, an Angel Wreath, or just add one memorable ornament to a special wreath you plan for inside your home. 

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