Jumping-Jack (Hampelmann) Santa - a Toy with a Tradition

Posted on November 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

This year we have added a playful Santa from Spielwarenmacher (Toymaker) Günther of Seiffen to our offerings. 

The jumping-jack is a toy whose origins date back thousands of years. The jointed jumping-jack figure is a cross between a puppet and a paper doll. The figures are generally made from wood and their limbs are tied to a pull string. When the string is pulled and released, the arms and legs move up and down. In Germany the jumping-jack (Hampelmann) dates back to 1832 when the Hampelmann was created by Carl Malss as a figure for the burlesque at Frankfurt. Later the jumping-jack toy was manufactured in the Erzgebirge mountain range in Germany. - from Wikipedia

Spielwarenmacher Günther is one of the older toymakers in the Erzgebirge, having been in business for 100 years - Since 1914.

They are proud to honor the tradition of Erzgebirge Folk Art and celebrate the timber from the Ore Mountains. We are proud to bring you their Hampelmann (Jumping-Jack) Santa and look forward to adding more from their collection.

Günther's Jumping-Jack Santa is 10-1/2" tall. 

Share this piece of folk art with your child. A traditional playful toy that you can hang with their stocking or simply from the mantel, or as a Christmas decoration anywhere in your home.




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