The Inge-Glas Olde German Treasures - Silver Collection - Truly Special

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We all celebrate that Inge-Glas of Germany is the oldest Christmas ornament company in the world (since 1596). They hold more than 12,000 antique moulds passed down through the generations and reintroduce ornaments made from antique moulds each year. For collectors and those of us who simply appreciate the handing down of traditions, we enjoy knowing which of Inge-Glas' current offerings are made from the moulds that represent the history of glass Christmas ornaments.


Above: Noble Nikolaus, Love Forever, and Silver Pine Cone

The Olde German Treasures - Silver Collection is built around Inge-Glas' heirloom moulds. 


Left to right: Vintage Silver Star, Silver Fantasy, and Vintage Acorn

The collection honors the German tradition of the early 1900s when it was stylish to decorate Christmas trees with glass ornaments using only the colors silver and white. This, during the Victorian era is considered to have been one of the first concepts of a themed tree - doing away with all color and creating a simpler all-silver or all-white tree. There were stories about people washing their ornaments so that they were either white or just silver. The Olde German Treasures are created with Inge-Glas' antique, lovingly restored, old glass-blowing moulds. They are mouth-blown and use pure sterling silver to highlight the delicate, hand decorated filigree patterns. Each ornament has an 'Olde German Treasures' hang tag.

They add a stunning reflection of light on your Christmas tree - elegant, simple, and of the utmost tradition.

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