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There is something about Folk Art that just makes one smile - smile and rejoice in this beautiful world we live in!

"Retiring" to the Coast of Maine after working as an editor and having the opportunity to live abroad, the next step was to build a family business that celebrated the people, festivities, traditions, and cultures we had met along our journey. The treasured folk art we collected with family and friends represent discovery and travels, and we came to realize that they cemented our everyday celebrations. Our folk art "collection" has become an important part of our get-togethers, holidays, and personal milestones, bringing to mind so many of our common experiences. As we traveled, time and time again, we found ourselves exploring a culture by seeking out the local folk artists. We discovered the workshops and studios of woodcarvers, glassblowers, Santons craftsmen, French, and German artisans. The work of these European craftsmen, who have put their hearts into their craft, are a daily reminder that art is one of humanity's universal connections. Including their creations in our own daily celebrations, alongside those of our own family, friends, and culture, adds so much meaning to our traditions.

   Visiting the Carbonel Santons Workshop, Marseille, France.


My Growing Traditions is a celebration of Old World, European, folk art. The artisans that we offer represent the epitome of their art form and their cultures. Owning and celebrating their art has sincerely been an integral part of our family's memories. Life is about investing in simple, time-held traditions. And, we love bringing their traditions to you!

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