Wendt and Kühn's Berry Pickers

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In celebration of their 100th Anniversary in October 2015, Wendt and Kühn has brought the Berry Picker children back to the collection. 

They were in fact the cornerstone of Wendt and Kühn. After studying at the Royal Saxon School of Applied Art in Dresden from 1907 to 1910, in 1913 Grete Wendt entered a design competition for quality souvenirs organized by the local heritage association "Sächsischer Heimatschutz." Her "Beerenkinder" (Berry Children) figurine group won several prizes, including second prize. 

Having received these awards, her Berry Pickers were featured in countless publications. Orders started pouring in. They were filled by specially commissioned toymakers and by working from her parents home and became legendary. Shown above is an image of the award, original drawings, and two sets of the children beside the charming wooden splinter box in which they came. The demand for the Berry Pickers resulted in the establishment in October 1915 with Margarete Kühn, a fellow student from the Dresden School, of the Wendt and Kühn workshop.

Here we are in Maine where the blueberry reigns and we admit that of all the many wonderful Wendt and Kühn figures they hold a dear place in our heart. We are so pleased to add them to our offerings to you - find them here or individually by clicking on the photos below:


Celebrate these pivotal figures by adding them to your Wendt and Kühn collection.

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