We Now Carry Nils Olsson Natural Wood Dala Horses

Posted on November 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

We've expanded our offerings of Nils Olsson Dala Horses to include these charming Natural Wood dalahast. 


above - on the left , at 4", and to his right, at 5", and below a 2" Christmas Ornament 

To find these Dala Horses click on the images above or click here

In Sweden clearly the tradition is to stand your Dala Horse collection strategically here and there as a central element to your Christmas decor, but we wanted to hang some of ours on our Christmas tree. We admit that we do have a Dala Horse collection on a window sill under a Norfolk Pine year round. Still, we found ourselves determined to add them to our tree ornaments and thus, took dalahast keychains and turned them into Christmas ornaments.  We hope you will enjoy them on your tree as much as we do.

For a thorough presentation of Dala Horse history - we know you will enjoy reading - click here

Natural Wood dalahast smartly shows off the grain of the wood that Dala Horses are individually carved from - they celebrate Sweden's national folk art symbol and the beauty of the wood!

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