Olde German Treasures Silver Gift Set from Inge-Glas

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In our quest to create Inge-Glas gift sets - ones that meet all your gift needs, including smaller ones for a wedding or bridal shower present, we were particularly struck with the Silver ornaments from the Olde German Treasures collection. 

Inge-Glas Olde German Treasures celebrate both German tradition and art form. It was the style around 1900 for a tree to be decorated using only silver and white. To honor that tradition with their Olde German Tresures collection Inge-Glas carefully chose ornaments made from real antique, lovingly restored, old-glass blowing moulds. As always, Inge-Glas ornaments are mouth-blown and use pure sterling silver. 

For the bride and groom, the tradition is to present a  collection of good wishes .... symbols of a happy home to bring good fortune.  The ornaments come in an Inge-Glas gift box and have a symbol card explaining their importance:

Love Forever Heart - True Love - 3"
Olde German Companion Bird - Happiness and Joy - 5-1/2 long"
Silver Pine Cone - Motherhood and Fruitfulness - 4-3/4"

Our feeling was that they are simply elegant. As a gift, whether for a wedding, or a dear friend, they are classic, distinguished, and will always stand out on a tree - catching the light in much the same way that tinsel does.

To find the Silver Gift Set - click here or on the image above.  They are, indeed, rather irresistible!


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