Emil Helbig Wood Carvers - Enchanting!

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Three generations strong (1933-present) the Emil Helbig Workshop in Grunhainichen, the Erzgebirge, Germany, is the oldest wood carving workshop in the Ore Mountains. This year we have expanded our offerings considerably, with fairytales


children      Easter, and more.  

Their art is distinctive and elegant in its simplicity.

The exceptional Folk Art of the Emil Helbig Workshop has thrived over the years, suffering through the stark demands of the communist period, and then flourishing again since 1991 in the hands of Emil's son, Walter, enjoying a rebirth of the classic wood-carvings established by Emil himself. Their woodcarvings are created with a simple precision - the essence of the figure is revealed with a few, precise cuts. The native basswood, a bright, simply grained wood, is vital, accentuating the charm of the carvings through the final step - the full splendor of color. The art is in the omission! Emil Helbig's creative spirit lives on.

A celebration of humanity, from the figures created to the creators themselves, they are simply dear!


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