Roustido - The Man with the Lantern - the Seventh (7th) "Essential" Santon for a Provençal Creche

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Roustido, The Man with the Lantern – Homme à la lanterne (French) – is the seventh most favorite Santon on the list of the top 20 Santons included in the creche by the Provençal people – see our earlier post, the Essential Santons for a Provençal Creche. He is available in all four Marcel Carbonel Santons sizes offered by My Growing Traditions.


Roustido derives from Antoine Maurel’s Pastorale.  In the Pastorale, he is a friend and neighbor of Margarido and her husband Mr. Jourdan.  Roustido is older and hard of hearing. A former notary, he is sometimes portrayed with a hat - see Size #1 - rather than his night cap (Sizes 3, 2, and Puce).  As a notary he is also associated with a red umbrella, although the Carbonel studios have not used the umbrella with any of their Roustido Santons.

He is late to hear the shepherds call.  One of the few remaining in the village in the middle of the night, he uses his lantern to go to Margarido and Mr. Jourdan in order to rouse them. Once at the stable he greets the Holy Family with a doff of his cap.



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