Affordable and Elegant - the Original Inge-Glas Bride's Tree Set

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My Growing Traditions has an exceptional offering when it comes to Inge-Glas' traditional Bride's Tree Set:

- the original full set of 12 mouth-blown, hand-painted, German ornaments symbolic of the blessings to be bestowed upon the newly minted couple. Complete with a Heart representing True Love; a House (Protection); Santa (Goodwill); Fruit (Generosity); a Fish (Christ's Blessing); a Teapot (Hospitality); a Rabbit (Hope and Faith); an Angel (God's Wisdom); a Flower Basket (Good Wishes); a Rose (Affection); a Pine Cone (Motherhood); and a Bird (Happiness and Joy).

- in the German cardboard presentation and storage box with the symbol of each ornament printed on the side of the box

- WITH the presentation certificate that comes in the wooden box set,

- and with individual cards tucked in with each ornament stating the symbolism of the specific ornament.  We show here, as an example, the two sides of the Santa card:

This set is perfect for so many occasions:  bridal showers, weddings, first Christmases, and anniversaries.

At $6.67 per individual German ornament, the price is special.

You won't find anyone else selling this set packaged so artfully.  And, we offer replacements for each and every one of these ornaments should they ever be needed in the future.

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