Brück and Sohn European Advent calendars now available at My Growing Traditions

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For years as we lived and travelled in Europe, we found ourselves purchasing these wonderful Advent calendars as a memento of our trips.  We didn't really need to purchase much of anything as a souvenir, but were taken with the fact that Brück and Sohn's Advent calendars represented not only a memory, but were also useful, and really quite nice art.  Actually, there was an additional reason, the Brück and Sohn printing house is in Meissen, Germany. With our love of pottery/china/porcelain, travel to the Meissen Porcelain factory was imperative.  We enjoyed two trips to Meissen and were truly charmed by this small town, with it's village square and the Frauenkirche's Meissen porcelain bells.

There, right in the center of town was the Brück and Sohn printing house, a small business thriving on an exquisite product.

The Brück and Sohn printing house has been in business since 1793 and we are proud to finally be able to offer their Advent calendars at My Growing Traditions.  It is a family business now owned and managed by the seventh Brück generation.

We do have favorite Advent calendars, probably because they are of places we experienced.  On the whole they celebrate the Christmas Markets of individual cities. Below is their calendar for Meissen, itself.

A particular favorite is not of a specific city in Germany, but rather of the wood-turner from Germany's Erzgebirge region--an important center of Germany's toy making industry.  The Erzgebirge, with its town of Seiffen and the surrounding villages, is renown for the production of wooden German Folk Art, especially folk art important to Christmas.

Our offerings this year are of the German cities:  Berlin, Dresden, Meissen, Nurnberg, Rothenburg, Salzburg, Seiffen, and Stuttgart.  We also have their calendar for the Nauschweinstein Castle (the inspiration for the castle of Disneyland),  for the city of Colmar in Alsace, France, and of Vienna, Austria. You can find our  Brück and Sohn selection here.


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