The Shepherd - the No. #1 "Essential" Santon for a Provençal Creche

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In March 2012 we published Essential Santons for a Provencal Creche - a list of the top 20 Santons included in the creche by the Provençal people.  The Shepherd - Le Berger  (French) - Lou Pastre (Provençal) was the number one Santon included.  It was to the Shepherd that the Angel came to announce the birth of Jesus.    The Shepherd then played the pivotal role of summoning all the Provençal villagers to the manger.  The importance of the Shepherd is, without a doubt, symbolized by the fact that we find so many different types in the Marcel Carbonel Santons' creche.  There exist more different Santons' Shepherds than any other figure. Three of Carbonel's Shepherds: the Old Shepherd, the Young Shepherd, and the Man with a Sheep,  are available in all four sizes.  Both the Old and Young Shepherds wear long homespun cloaks and black hats.  See them here in Size #2:



To find them in the the shop, click on the links that follow. 

For the Old Shepherd:  Size Puce,  Size #1,  Size #2, and Size #3.  

For the Young Shepherd:  Size Puce,  Size #1, Size #2, and  Size #3.

And, for the Man with a Sheep:  Size Puce,  Size #1,  Size #2Size #3.

Two Carbonel Shepherds (more precisely, one is a Shepherdess) are available in two different sizes:  The Kneeling Shepherd and the Shepherdess with a Cape.  Both bring the baby Jesus a lamb.  Find them pictured below in Size #2.  Click here to see The Kneeling Shepherd in the shop: Size #2 and Size #3; and Size #2 and Size #3 the Shepherdess with Cape.


Carbonel's Size #3, offers two additional figures:  The Shepherd from Arles and the Shepherdess with a Lamb.  Both are special, although we admit to a particular affinity for the Shepherd from Arles.      

Size Puce also offers the Shepherdess with a Lamb.

The final Shepherd in the Carbonel Collection is the Sleeping Shepherd.  He misses the Angel's call to the manger, as he is fast asleep.  He is, indeed, a unique character.  It feels best to wait and feature him in a separate, future blog post.

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