Santons Creche Nativity Sets

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We offer starter sets for Marcel Carbonel Santons (from Provence, France) nativity figures, themselves (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus). Click here to see them in Size #2 (Elite) and here to see the Size #3 (Grande).  They are a wonderful way to get started and to save some money.

In addition we have created unique - each one is a one of a kind - sets that include a stable and other accessories for the Size #2 (Elite) Santons size.  Enjoy the European tradition. Begin with a stable and the nativity figures. Over the years, add additional figures, trees, and miniature accessories. 

#1 - Charming Creche Set. This set includes Carbonel Santons with a Carbonel Ruin Stable with trees and eight No. 2 Santons figures: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, an Angel, three Kings, and a sheep. The accessories are from Bavaria and the Erzgebirge, Germany: a hand-shaved tree, amphora, wooden ladder, sieve, ceramic pot, basket, and delicate bow saw. All hand-made.

Marcel Carbonel Creche Set - with Carbonel Stable and German Accessories


#2 -Wonderful Carbonel Nativity Set with German Accessories.  This set includes a Carbonel No. 2 (the 2-3/4" size) Courtyard Stable,  Carbonel figures (Mary, Joseph, Jesus, three Kings, an Angel and a sheep) all from France. PLUS a sampling of accessories: three trees, small wooden bucket, basket, string of 3 ears of corn, and a pitch fork--all from Germany (the Erzgebirge and Bavaria).

Marcel Carbonel Nativity Set with Carbonel Stable and German Accessories

#3 - A delightful Creche set combining French Santons with a hand-made Bavarian stable.  This set includes the stable, figures, and a sample of accessories for the scene. French Santons from Marcel Carbonel - No. 2 (the 2-3/4" size): Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Angel, and sheep. An exquisite Bavarian stable in the tradition of the European Alps. PLUS: three trees, sieve, ceramic pot, wooden rake, bench, tin pan, and string of 5 ears of corn (all from Germany: the Erzgebirge and Bavaria).  

Marcel Carbonel Nativity/Creche Set with German Stable - Size #2 (Elite)


#4 - An exquisite creche starter set. Combine French Santons figures with a German stable and accessories. This set includes: eight Size 2 (the 2-3/4" size) Santons from Marcel Carbonel: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, three Kings, Angel, and a sheep, all from France. A detailed hand-made stable reminiscent of the European Alps from Bavaria. PLUS: three trees (from the Erzgebirge), five ears of strung corn, a ceramic pot, sieve, bundle of wood, saw, pitch fork, and pail (All from Germany).

Marcel Carbonel Santons Nativity/Creche Set with Bavarian Stable - Size #2 (Elite)


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