Bird - Mouth-Blown Glass - #1 Figural Christmas Ornament

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The hand-blown glass Christmas ornament of a bird

is the most common figural ornament. Birds are symbols of the messengers of God and love. And, of course, one cannot separate them from trees. Which makes them, in turn, the ideal Christmas ornament. They really are more than charming nestled amongst the branches of an evergreen. We have been known from time to time, to have a small, additional tree devoted simply to birds: hanging birds, clip on birds, birds on nests, woodland, etc. It has always just felt right that they should have this tree of their own.

Early glass blowing families in Germany commonly perfected one or two individual ornaments (the church, pine cones, etc.).  Inge-Glas' Mueller family became known not only for the number of different bird ornaments that they made, but also for their artistry in creating them - something they are famous for to this day. Interestingly enough, in 1992, Klaus Mueller-Blech of Inge-Glas, met and then married Birgit Eichorn, also of a German glassblowing family.  The Eichhorn family, like the Mueller family, specialized in birds.  Inge-Glas, combining the two families, enjoys a collection and an expertise larger than any other company. In fact they have more than 700 antique bird moulds.

Customs records show that common song bird ornaments first came to the United States in the 1870s. The Peterkin's Christmas Tree, a charming children's book by Lucretia P. Hale, listed a variety of ornaments used in the 1870s, to include bird-cages and birds sitting on their nests. In the early 1880s, F.W. Woolworth exported Inge-Glas's hand-blown birds to America.

The bird is one of the traditional 12 ornaments of the Bride's Tree Set - they bring the bride happiness and joy. We offer some 35 different bird ornaments at any given time

from the woodlands,

from the sea,

from the farmyards,


and on nests,

As the Inge-Glas Legend card says: "Ornaments depicting birds have long been a favorite of the Mueller-Blech family. These beautiful creatures motivated generations of Mueller-Blechs as they created glass ornaments in the family workshops. During the cold winter months in Germany, glassblowers often kept birds in cages to offer them shelter. These birds gave craftsmen companionship and inspiration for creating new ornament moulds. Birds are symbols of happiness, especially during Christmas. In Germany, it is believed that birds assist Santa in watching the actions of little ones to ensure they are good."

As the birds bring joy to us at Christmas, it is indeed fun to think of them at Christmas - Christmas for the Birds!



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