The Christmas Mouse

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New for 2013 is Inge-Glas of Germany's Christmas Mouse

We find ourselves writing about him - of all the wonderful new Inge-Glas ornaments this year - because as we considered the new for 2013 ornaments to add to our selection - he was without a second thought our first choice.  It must be his little impish face taking in the joyousness of the holiday.

His eyes are very special - not brown, or blue, or hazel in color - but rather, they are of Swarovski crystal elements. Inge-Glas and Swarovski Crystal have been working together for many years now.  We offer a number of other ornaments from the Swarovski - Inge-Glas partnership - they add a special twinkling of light to your Christmas tree.

Seeing The Christmas Mouse brought back fond memories of a wonderful children's book: The Church Mice at Christmas by Graham Oakley.

 Christmas keeps Mortimer, the church mouse, ever so busy celebrating the wondrousness of the holiday - decorating the tree, hanging the lights, singing Christmas carols, hanging his stocking, etc. When all is done, he snuggles down to sleep Christmas Eve making a Christmas wish. Graham Oakley's illustrations and stories are intricate, whimsical, and just plain charming. 


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