Chef's Hat

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The Chef's Hat, is one of Inge-Glas of Germany's new Christmas ornaments for 2013.

The chef's hat is a part of a traditional chef's uniform. Sir William Orpen's ca. 1929 painting of that traditional uniform 

in Le Chef de l'Hotel Chatham, Paris is owned by the Royal Academy of Arts in London. It is an exquisite depiction of that classic Chef's uniform, including the hat, also known as a toque. The toque (French for "white hat") was especially popular throughout Europe, and particularly in France, from the 13th to the 16th centuries. It is worn to this day by professional chefs, for sanitary reasons to be certain, but also simply because of its tradition. It is said that the present day Chef's Hat was popularized by the famous French chefs Marie-Antoine Careme and Auguste Escoffier.

Inge-Glas' Chef's Hat is a fun addition to the Christmas tree for any gourmet, cook, foodie, or for anyone who simply enjoys a celebration of food.


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