New Carbonel Santons for 2013 - Victorine (Grande), the Quilter (Elite), and the Ribbon Merchant (Cricket)

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Every year the Marcel Carbonel Santons workshop in Marseille creates at least one new Santon, and this year they have offered us three.

In Size #3 (Grande) - Victorine - a young girl with her doll

She is also available in Size #2 (Elite):  find her here

For Size #2 (Elite), they have presented an entirely new character, a very special Santon - the Quilting Woman - Femme au boutis

For us, one of the delights in the world of Santons are the Provencal textiles, so having a figure representing the wonderful fabrics and quilts of Provence is more than special.

Finally, the third new Santon for 2013 is in Size #1 (Cricket) - the Ribbon Merchant - Femme aux rubans.  A street peddler, she wanders the villages selling her beautiful, festive wares.

The Ribbon Merchant is also available in Sizes #2 and #3.  Find them here

We are not certain as to why the Carbonel studios came up with such an abundance of new Santons this year. Perhaps it is because Marseille, the home of the Carbonel Workshops, is the European Capital of Culture for 2013.  They have honored not just the city of Marseille, but the area stretching from Martigues to La Ciotat and have also included Arles, Aix, Aubagne and other towns and villages in the area. We are all familiar with the Santons figures from Arles.  And Aubagne is the center for ceramicists and Santons. Whatever there reason - we are more than pleased to offer these wonderful new figures.

For photos of the history and workshop of Carbonel enjoy our Marcel Carbonel Santons board on Pinterest.

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